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Ncdu Linux Alternate Choice For Treesize

Treesize is a very handy software that calculate all files and directories size and more other functions in windows system. But since I am using linux system so I never get the chance to use it. But I saw how my colleague use it and thought how sad treesize does not provide linux version. So I google around and found a package call ncdu, which provides the function that I was looking for!

Let’s take a look of how ncdu look like after running it. From image, ncdu is calculated from / directory and sizes of everything uder /. ncdu

To install ncdu and start it.

yum install ncdu -y
cd /


When ncdu is started, it will start to calculate the size of all files and directories from your current location. For example, / or /home or /var.

Right after calculation, you will see this image, which ncdu is start from /, with the final calculated information from your current location.

Press ? to see more options.

Use arrow keys to navigate up, down, left(previous location), right(enter cursor location), and enter to enter cursor location. ncdu

Finally, press q to exit ncdu. That’s it, enjoying!

TreeSize Professional alternative for Linux : linuxquestions

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