Posts Use Github Pages To Build Your Static Website

Use Github Pages To Build Your Static Website

Just couple days ago I learned that Github provides a free static web hosting services call Github Pages and instantly I changed from hosting my own VM to this fantastic service! And for the very first post of my new home, I am going to show you all just how easy it is to start using and building static website on GitHub Pages! For more information about Github Pages, please click the link above!

First of all, you need to have an Github account. After logged into your account, click on “Start a project”.

Create a new repository like the image below. Be aware that in order for GitHub Pages to work, the name of your repository MUST be in the form of Check the “README” box to make job easier later, then click Create repository.
github repository

Once your repository is created, click the Settings tab to check your github pages status.
github settings

Scroll all the way down close to the bottom and you will see the GitHub Pages section. If everything is setup probably, you will see exactly the same as the image below, beside that the GitHub Pages url will be different!
github settings

Click on your GitHub Pages url and there you go! That’s your initial static web page hosting by Github Pages!
github settings

Easy and simple right?
Here are some websites providing free Jekyll themes, browse around and find your favorite theme!

Next I will show you all how to implement the theme of your choices and more, stay tuned!

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